BowerStatic is a WSGI component that can serve static resources from front-end packages (JavaScript, CSS) that you install through the Bower package manager.


  • Integrates with any WSGI-based project.
  • Easily serve Bower-managed bower_components directories.
  • Easily say in Python code you want to include a static resource, which are then automatically inserted in any HTML page you generated. It uses the appropriate <script> and <link> tags.
  • Support for Bower main end points. End points for dependencies are automatically included too.
  • Declare additional dependencies from one resource to others, either in the same package or in others.
  • Infinite caching of URLs by the browser and/or HTTP caching server for increased performance.
  • Instantly bust the cache when a new version of Bower package is installed, avoiding force reload.
  • Local packages with automatic cache busting as soon as you edit code.

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